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Meiho - LIquid pack VS-L430 110x110

Meiho - LIquid pack VS-L430 110x110

Optimal case sealed for storage of soaking rubber lures.

Airtight container so liquid does not leak, it is safe to carry around.

Outlet is easy to retrieve the contents a large aperture shape,

The lid has adopted a clear type at a glance you can see the contents.

Material Body PE, PP cap

Able to fit in VS-3080, VS-3078, Softbag VS-E6551

dimensions: 110 × 110 × 44mm
Ø 40mm

DKK 99,00

Tilgængelighed: På lager - Leveringstid: 2-3 hverdage.
Tilgængelighed: Fjernlager - Leveringstid: 4-6 hverdage.

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